Friday, March 6, 2009

Dave Roberts sent packing

Yesterday, the Giants severed ties with Dave Roberts, creating a much needed roster spot and playing time for the likes of Nate Schierholtz and likely Eugenio Velez. More importantly, the Giants ate $6.5 million still owed to Roberts for 2009. Not that this frees up any more money for this season, but it definitely helps paint the picture for the future a little more clearly. Now the Giants will have all of 2009 to see what Schierholtz can do.

Roberts had signed a 3 year $18 million deal back in the winter of 2006, was do to come off the books after this year. Still, he didn't exactly fit into the get younger and better plans. I'd like to say I called this as i've been refering to his immenent dismisal all winter, but I think everyone else saw it coming as well. Roberts was overpaid from the beginning, but in this economy, was grossly overpaid. Give Lefty credit here, he predicted if Roberts were a free agent this offseason, he would be forced to retire. It may yet happen.

The bottom line is Dave Roberts is now gone and the Giants have the room to try out some talent. If at some point this season, they have the ability to add another player via trade, they now have a clearer path to a roster spot. After this season, The Giants will now know better whether or not Nate Schierholtz can slide into Randy Winn's RF spot, they need to resign Winn, or make a run at a Matt Holliday.

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