Wednesday, September 16, 2009

MasterZeet Theatre

Champions are those who step up and deliver the best they have when
needed most.

Tonight, watching Barry Zito take the mound in what was arguably his
biggest night as a San Francisco Giant, I wondered if he would dig
down and deliver a performance reminicant to his Oakland Athletic
days... And did he ever come through!

Entering the game, the Giants trailing the Rockies 3.5 games with 19
to go, the fate of the season seems to be residing on each game.
Coinsiding with the recent momentum of Brad Penny & Tim Lincecum's
dominance as well as the offensive resurgance, the Giants were in a
must win situation hoping to keep their momentum progressing.

To make matters worse, Barry Zito would be facing Ubaldo Jimeniez, the
Rockies Ace...

A game definitly full of pressure and expectations; completely worthy
of the billing "Barry Zito's biggest start as a Giant".

How would he respond?

7 innings of 5 hit ball, 1 walk, 1 hit batter, 2 scattered runs, and 9
strike outs...on just 95 pitches.

Zito was lights out from the first pitch, attacking hitters and
getting ahead of 10 of the first 11 hitters. Minus the cheap HBP to
Carlos Gonzales in the first (hit his hands on the bat) Zito struck
out 3 in the first on a curve ball the Barry Bonds couldn't hit.

Zeet's continued throughout, whipping the hook in for a strike every
time. It was so good, he started getting swingthru strikes on his fast

If it hadn't been for the Giants manufacturing 10 runs and a lead so
big even Bobby Howry could hold it together, Zito would have nailed
down a complete game.

The Giants still have alot of ground to cover and big games to play,
but it's nice to see the guy making all the money stepping up at the
right time!

As it stands right now, Zito is the projected pitcher for a one game
playoff game...


King of Cali said...


Do you know where I can find which Giants players are arbitration elg?

~King of Cali

Jim Ellis said...

Noah Lowry is in his final Arb year, Tim Lincecum & Brian Wilson are in their first Arb year as Super Two's & both Jonathan Sanchez & Kevin Frandsen are in their first Arb year.

Use Cots Baseball Contracts, they have the best info on that. There is a link in the blog roll on this page