Monday, September 28, 2009

Starting to think beyond this week

On a day when the Giants salvaged 1 of 4 games against the Chicago
Cubs, one would expect the topic of conversation to center on Matt
Cain's brilliant 8 innings of shut out ball, maybe Eli Whiteside's 2
double night at the dish, or Juan Uribe's continuing torrent hot
streak. Instead, we find rumors floating about of who may or may not
want to be back next season.
> God forbid, we might muster a few thoughts about the fact that the
> Giants still aren't mathematically eliminated from the playoffs yet.
> Already in the last 2 days, the Giants have been linked to Milton
> Bradley and current middleinfielders Juan Uribe & Freddie Sanchez
> are wanting to return.
> Other questions have begun to arise as well.
> What to do with Aaron Rowand? Is this the Real Barry Zito?Is Edgar
> Renteria ever going to be healthy? What about our Free Agents? Winn,
> Molina, Penny, Lowry, Frandsen, Johnson, Uribe, Aurilia, etc
> But the two biggest issues of them all ought to be 1- Do we Fire
> Bruce Bochy? Do we fire Brian Sabean?
> It seems like everyone is talking already, why not us?
> Over the next few weeks we'll be taking a closer look at everything.
> Check back often


King of Cali said...

I haven't seen any new posts from you recently. I hope all is well. It's off-season now, so we both know this HOT STOVE is going to heat up fast.

~King of Cali

shail2chouhan said...

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