Sunday, November 30, 2008

The art of a title...the making of a blog...

So, after thinking about the Giants all my life, getting continuously heart broken and hurt by losses and decisions made, and never wavering in my faith in them, I decide to start a blog. I never thought I would blog about anything, hell, I didn't even know what a blog was until a year ago, even though i've been reading them for alot longer. It took me a long time to decide to start this. I have put a ton of thought into it and hope you all like it. I do believe we can make a difference! So then I have to decide on a name...not so easy right? Except one just came to me and made so much sense.

The Giants need a heart! They have had a heart in the past and they need one again. Who else to rally around except Will Clark. It was so easy. They have a good young nucleus to build around now, It is simple. Should I use "Return of the Thrill" no, how about "Bringing back the Thrill". Perfect, and a blog was born...

Then 4 days into I mistakenly google search my blog by typing "Bring back the Thrill" and find something interesting. It looks like my site: it talks about the Giants, it refers to Will Clark, it's almost the same color. What is this? Did someone already hack my site? No, can people leave comments in the form of a blog? No...wait, this isn't my site. These blogs are from Jan of this year, 10 months ago. Only 3 total...This isn't my site! Someone already has this site. The name is just 3 letters different! I was shocked. I thought I had this original idea but...wait, this site isn't quite the same. It doesn't talk about change, I can't find a goal, there hasn't been a blog in over 10 months, only three total. Is is abandoned? Should I change my name? I'm not sure what to do

So I take my Thanksgiving holiday and think it over. What should I do? Well, I still don't know everything but I do know this. I'mkeeping the site. Maybe change the name. Open to suggestions. I was thinking "Timmy's Army" or "Nuschler's news" (so far my favorite) or "Nuschler's return" or maybe "The daily Nuschler". Either way, I'm looking for suggestions and will make a few minor changes but the heart of this, the meaning behind it will stay.

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