Monday, November 24, 2008

Where it all went wrong

I can't pinpoint when or where it started. I just know it started. I also know it needs to end. How can it end, ther's only one way: A World Series championship! How did it start? Lets take a closer look, it can't be that hard to figure out.
Was it the Aaron Rowand "gritty" signing, or maybe mortgaging the team on Barry Zito's left arm
. Maybe it was Brian Sabean and Peter Magowen getting called out in the Mitchell report (at least they weren't the only GM/team president combo to get called out...oh wait...nevermind). How about the Barry Bonds Fiasco of 2007...2006...2005...2004...2003...does it end? I'm certain that "The Trade" has something to do with it. Maybe it was something to do with steroids to guys we can't even remember. Surely it has to be the the decision to start Livan hernandez in 2002 in the biggest game in the entire era of S.F. Giants baseball when everyone outside of Dusty baker's mind knew it was the wrong move. Worse yet, it might be the indecision the night before in the 7th inning with a 5-0 lead. Maybe it was the failure to attempt to sign Vald, or anyone of significance to surround Barry Bonds, or how about the mix match philosophy to surround mr. Bonds with aging talent, well on it's downswing.
I think though, it goes much farther back than this. Could it be the new hire GM that was to bring us too the promise land. I'll admit, that early on, Brian Sabean got it right more times than not, but it's looking more and more like he got lucky. Barry Bonds wanted to be here, that was an easy one. Jeff Kent, he got lucky on. He still traded away the last link to how things need to be, a player raised from within.
Even before Mr. Sabean began his decade-plus tenure, it had started. The mid 90's were just brutal, the 103 win team that didn't make the playoffs hurt bad. "The Earthquake", another World Series loss and to the A's even, the Candy Maldonado missed fly, pretty much the entire 80's and 70's for those of you who remember.
Like I said, I can't pinpoint it, but I do know what it is:

It is everything wrong with the San Francisco Giants!

The Giants are a flawed organization right now, lost in their own round-a-bout, problem is, they can't see the way out. On the surface, they can see the road heading in the direction they want to travel, they just can't find the opening to get there. This is where we come in.
For me, I never thought I could influence them team I care so much about. But I was wrong. We are in the age of the internet. We have the ability to get information within minutes of it happening. We can react to rumors, trades, and free agent signings. We can inundate the public relations office with our reactions. We can influence change!!!
It has never been so apparent as last winter, when the Tim Lincecum for Alex Rios trade was rumored. It was real. It was happening. The Freak, the Franchise, the CY YOUNG winner was a gonner! And then we stopped it. The Giants were flooded with hate mail, scolding them for even considering such a move. The radio stations were hounded with callers berating Brian Sabean. The Blogsites and websites were filled with with anti trade propaganda. And the trade never happened. The Giants have admitted the negative publicity influenced their decision.
Tim Lincecum means more than winning a few games, more than any power hitter he could fetch in a trade, and more than Brian Sabean's job. He means they might be headed down the right path. The Giants haven't developed players of their own for 20+ years...20+ years. Thats a generation. Matt Williams and Will Clark. That Era! Think about it, it's along time ago. Some of you were just starting a family, now your grandparents. i was in elementry school, now I'm starting a family.
What the Giants need is to get back to this, bring back the passion in the organization. Bring back the hatred for the Dodgers. Teach the kids in the minors the Giants way, then develop them into Giants and not trade them away. Bring back that firey youngster to hop on his shoulders and have the entire fan base get lost in his wake. We had that before. Will Clark did that for us. Many others have as well. We, as fans, have to make sure of this. We buy the beer, we buy the hot dogs, we buy the jerseys, we buy the tickets. We are not buying the philosophy. We need to Bring back the Thrill.

I have been debating starting this for a while now. Thanks to my lovely wife Cortleigh for pushing me to do it. I decided to make today the day after reading what turned out to be a false rumor on regarding the signing of Edgar Renteria. that in itself is a whole other issue but on the surface, it tells me Brian Sabean has to go. As bad as this would be inmy eyes, it makes sense because it's what we shouldn't do, which is the only way Mr. Sabean knows how to operate.
The Giants need to be building their farm system but apparently 2 offseasons and 1 regular season is all the impatient man can muster. Lets hope this rumor continues to be false, but I'm not taking any chances, it's time to take a stand. Lets all bring the noise to the team, let them know how we feel, and lets Bring back the Thrill to this organization.

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