Friday, April 24, 2009

A continuing theme...

For the 6th consecutive game, a Giants starter has been lights out!!! Tim Lincecum threw 8 strong innings tonight with only 1 BB and 5 hits to go along with his 12 K's... and his 1st Win...It was another typical Lincecum performance, although I find it hard to assume a typical performance from him would be expected to be like this for fear of jinxing him. Then again, my superstitions should have zero affect on Lincecum, never-the-less, I still have them. Fortunately, for Lincecum the Giants offense was working today.

Bengie Molina had a big day, hitting a solo homerun as well as a 2 run double. Edgar Renteria hit a solo homerun as well. Fred Lewis & Pablo Sandoval got 2 hits as well. Common theme is these hitters have been carrying what little offense the Giants have been producing over the first 2 weeks.

Another unfortunate common theme is Randy Winn & Manny Burriss both struggled again. Winn at least had a triple late, but has failed to produce in meaningful AB's all season and spring training. Burriss is just in an awful funk. His swing is off balance and he looks lost. He seems to be swinging like he has 2 strikes on every pitch and has only hit the ball hard once in his last 4 games. For Winn, a day off is in store. He needs to sit. He's a hitter and will find his way out, but give him a day off to think that far through...besides, Nate Schierholtz needs a start!!! Burriss on the other hand needs some confidence. It's to early to call for a change, but if this pace stays the same the Giants cannot afford to wait until 150 AB's to make a descision.

Then again, if Randy Johnson, Matt Cain, Barry Zito, & Jonathan Sanchez match Lincecum start for start like they have this week, Winn & Burriss can go hitless for the season and the Giants will still win the World Series...

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