Friday, April 3, 2009

Dallas Mcpherson anyone?

Dallas McPherson was cut by the Marlins the other day and is now being linked to the Giants through rumors.

My first thought was GREAT!!! Maybe we can pick up a power hitting corner IF off the scrap heap for cheap...Then I remembered, we already have, actually three...Maybe I shouldn't jump the gun on him.

There is a reason a talent like Mcpherson has been let go by two teams now in two years. There is also a reason he hasn't made that final leap above being a great AAAA player. He sure can hit the long ball. In 2004, he hit a combined 43 HR, between the minors and majors. In 2005, he hit only 16, but was buried on the Angels bench, and out with hip surgery. In 2006, he hit 24even though he rode the pine quite a bit once again on the big club. He was hurt all of 2007 because he had back surgery. In 2008, after signing on with the Marlins, he hit 42 HR in their minors. This spring, he seemed to be struggling mightly. He has always been able to hit for average, with his worst minor league batting season coming in 2008 while batting .275, other than that,he has been a .300+hitter.

His problem has been defense. Just looking at his statistics on, his third base defense looks atrocious. His career Fielding % of .917 and his Range/game of 2.37 are far below average...very far. Last season he was quite a bit better, but still below average. He took up 1B a few seasons ago and has done well, but not spectacular.

Bringing him on to the team now would force the Giants into a tough spot. Sandoval needs to play until he proves otherwise. That would mean Ishikawa would be out. Would the offense McPherson brings be enough to offset his defense? Or a better question should be would the total package McPherson brings be enough to offset what Ishikawa brings? I don't think so.

Coming into this spring, Ishikawa had the job based on his defensive history. He has continued that play sofar. It's his offense that has been surprising, at least to me. He has hit for power, hit for average, and spread the ball around. In my view, he has earned the job until he proves otherwise as well, barring the Giants bringing in a proven veteran who is remarkably better.

I would love to see the Giants sign Mcpherson and stash him away in Fresno, along with Jesus Guzman. Let the season play out with what they have and if an opportunity presents itself, give them both a chance.

Personally, I find it hard to believe the Yankees don'tbring him in until A-Rod is back, or the talent starved Padres to give him an opportunity.

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