Monday, January 12, 2009

Swisher, Crede, Wiggy, Nady, and Manny. Who you want...

All right, so I've asked and you have answered. Let's see where we stand so far this off season:

Who should be the 5th starter? you guys nailed it with Randy Johnson @ 81%.

Recently, I threw out the What about Andruw? question and you overwhelmingly disagreed with me. 53% were just not interested and 33% think the Fat kid just can't play. OK, I get it. I was just thinking what if the other day but you all made great points, so I'll drop it. I'm not a fan anyway. (sent an email to the Giants saying please stay away just in case they were thinking about him)

Jake Peavy was linked to us by his own agents a few weeks back, so we asked what about Jake? This was split 44% No, 52% not at the expense of a top prospect. What it really says is No thanks, we don't want him.

Now on to the hot topics:
In a small, and fairly optomistic poll, we asked about 3rd base. Sandoval, Atkins (for Sanchez), Wigginton, or Zimmerman (for Cain). Mixed results here, but what was clear, no one wanted a trade, with only 11% for both. Sandoval was the favorite @ 44% and Wiggy the other 33%. Personally, i'd like to see a deal for Zimmerman, even though you don't like it. It may be one year premature still, as a Cain price tag is a bit hard to swallow until the Giants can better gauge the young guys.

I threw out Joe Crede in a poll, by the way it's still active. I wrote a piece on him and for those of you who read it, you know I'm not a fan of bringing him in here. Still, even through all that, you so far are 41% Hell No to him and a combined 57% for him. Sorry, but I've yet to read a convincing arguement for bringing him here. If you think you have one, let me hear it, I have a bad feeling they are going to be in on him in the end and if that's the case, i'll want to be on board. So bring it!!!

The Yankee's have been a hot topic all winter and of course, are once again trying to offload someone on the Giants. I asked which OF you may be interested in and Thank God you said absolutely not to Matsui and Damon. Nick Swisher and Xavier Nady are about 50/50 in your minds, and 16% of you so far want nothing to do with any of them. I personally like Swisher of the two. His contract is about right for him and he can only be better than last year. If the Giants get him, I can only imagine they would have to move a veteren contract at some point this winter, whether for him or someone else. We talked about it here.

A lot of names have been tossed around this offseason, whether it be via trade or F.A.. Many of you have weighed in and we've been talking about it pretty much all winter. We asked the question after the Giants signed Randy Johnson, if you could only get one more player, who would it be? Out of the possibilities, only Pat Burrell has been inked elswhere. At the time, he had only 8% of the vote anyway, so he wasn't exactly your first choice. Suprisingly, no one stood out far and away over the rest.

Swisher-22%, Wiggy- 17%, Beltre- 15%, Uggla-11%, Crede and Dunn- 8%, Nady- 7%, and go figure, Encarnacion and Cantu total 3 votes. I know there are a few other names floating around so let us know what you think. I still like Swisher for what he can bring to the longevity of the Giants,especially in 2010 and 2011. I know Beltre is what they need now and Uggla is more offense. Tell us what you think. This Poll is still up, so weigh in.

And finally, we covered the Big guy. No, not that big guy, he is still retired, err recovering from knee surgery and looking for a team. I mean the other big guy. Manny. He's been linked and unlinked, confirmed an offer has been made then confirmed and offer was not made. We asked what you think/want/desire. In two separate polls, one of them had 69% wanting to sign Manny, the other has half of you believing Manny is either about to sign or within a few weeks will sign, and 40% think Scott Boras is just using Sabean.

Me, i'm still torn. I do think Boras is trying to use Sabean but I also think there is mutual interest at hand. The question is really only whether or not Boras ever lets Manny take some sort of incentive based option deal or Sabean gets the owners to pony up another $75-$100 million. While I would like to see Manny in orange and black, I worry what the Giants will be able to,or more to the point, what they will have to do,to employ Manny on the current roster. Obviously there is a log jam and Fred Lewis must stay. Am I crazy? You tell me. I don't think so. It's your turn to talk.

Speak up now, or forever hold your peace...

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