Sunday, August 30, 2009

Feeling a sweep, really needing a sweep

2 Down, 1 to go... that is, in this series...

Entering the final days of August, the Giants are in an all important position today facing the Colorado Rockies. Win and sweep the 3 game series, and close the gap to a tie in the Wildcard race, or lose and fall 2 games back entering the final month of the season.

At 15-12, the Giants have already secured a winning month, but 16-12 would look soooo much better.

With only 31 games left next month, a 2 game deficit isn't impossible, there's plenty of time, but an even playing field is such a better way to go about it. The Giants have a tougher month than the Rockies, especially at the beginning.

The Giants start with 3 in Philly, then 3 in Milwaukee before coming home for 3 against S.D., 3 with LAD, then the final 3 against CO. Back on a road trip is in LA for 3, then in Arizona for 3, and they finish at home against the Cubbies for 4 and the DBacks for 3, then the final, most likely deciding series in S.D. for 3.

All the more important the Giants put a stamp on this series today. Let the Rockies know they really weren't affected by that 14 game disaster the other day and as the Giants are advertising...they really are "in this thing".

Matt Cain goes today and after Barry Zito's masterpiece last night, the crowd should be energized and Cain will be feeling it. If the Giants can score more than 1 run, it may just be enough, but lets hope they make things a bit easier on Cain.

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