Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What in hum-baby's name himself was Bochy doing?


My hangover still hasn't cleared yet and I didn't even drink last night.

I feel like kinda like I was betrayed by my best friend and a need a few days away to eveluate our friendship. Problem is, I was on FUCKING vacation when it happened. How do I escape from that.

What I really need right now is Agent K or Agent J to come hit me up with one of them "Neuralyzers" so I can just forget yesterday ever happened because that's the only way. My mother always said, "even if you can't forget, you can always forgive." Well Mom, I guess we are gonna see if you're right this time...

Last nights debacle in the 14th left me sour, pissed, and down right angry. Way to screw up a perfectly good trip up the mendocino coast Bochy! My wife's birthday will now forever be mired with the nasty taste of a Ryan Spilbourghs swift punch to the gut. Justin Miller & Merkin Valdez are moving dangerously close to Felix Rodriguez/Livan Hernandez/Solomon Torres lore with that performance.

I am speechless and I assume you are as well... Actually, I'm not speechless at all but for the sake of anyone reading past this line, I'm pretending i'm speechless for now.

Fuck it...

I am so sick and tired of Bochy's "style" right now. If anyone, ANYONE AT ALL, on the mother f-in Giants knew how to bunt, this game would have been over ohh, i don't know, how about anyone number of innings:

How about Juan Uribe in the 8th? coulda got Randy Winn to 3rd with two outs for Bengie Molina.

Edgar Renteria in the ninth? IN THE NINTH INNING OF A TIE BALLGAME! No, it absolutely would not make sense to try to move a LEADOFF DOUBLE to third base. Nor would it make sense to try it one batter later when Aaron ( I don't have a sacrifice AB yet this season) Rowand comes to the plate with one out.

No, the best time to always try is when you have YOUR CLOSER BUNTING FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HIS LIFE TO MOVE A RUNNER TO SECOND, WHO HAPPENS TO BE YOUR ACE PITCHER PINCH RUNNING, BECAUSE HE REALLY IS EXPERIENCED AT BASE RUNNING, WITH ONE OUT. Why one out you ask? Because Boch didn't think it was the smart move one batter before... I mean, really, like, who bunts a runner over with no outs in the 11th inning of a tie game when you are on the road? I mean, come on...

OK, I'm gonna end the ranting there for today. It's gonna be a long last month and a week and I need to concentrate on something more positive right now...Like which Whisky I drink tonight as I watch the Giants game cause I can't do it sober again.

God help us if we lose the Playoff race by one game to Colorado


The Fox Den said...

Poor Jim...this REALLY got to you. I don't understand sports too well, but either way, it is something you are passionate about, that is for sure :)
I'm emailing Cort a hug from me to you-- (just gotta pass one on back to her from me, okay?)

n0ahsbagel said...

the giants should try and work out a deal with the cubs on bringing milton bradley onto the giants. maybe getting rid of rowand or something. Also the should make a push for brad penny because the giants young starters are not looking good down the strech. Also penny has pitched better in the NL so maybe it will be the better days in his career.