Saturday, August 8, 2009

Worst game ever? hopefully we never see worse

Of all the games to miss, why couldn't it have been last night's...Dammit!!!

Damn my fascination with this team. Why couldn't I have just taken the night off like I was supposed to...It's Timmy's fault. If he hadn't have been pitching, I wouldn't have rushed home from Tahoe to catch the game in time...

At least I took my wife's advice and didn't place a bet on that game. Head's would certainly be rolling least mine would...

That Game was utterly disgusting!

It wasn't too bad seeing the Franchise struggle a bit, even though he was able to only allow 1 runner per inning. His K total was down and his pitch count was up. But when the King Eugenio gave him a 4-2 lead in the fifth, I was certain this game was over.

I mean, the Giants were 41-11 in games they score 4 or more runs this season...and Timmy was still pitching...

Then they got that much needed insurance run to make the game 5-3 in the 7th. It had to be over. At 36-4 when scoring 5 or more runs...This game was locked up.

Time to hand it over to our Bullpen! Rely on the defense! I recipe that has worked so well this season. But not last night.

Jeremy Affeldt got one batter...Walk...who later scored

Sergio Romo couldn't finish of the out, a hit and a walk... who would later score.

Brian Wilson came in needing a 5 out save with the bases loaded...That's a tough call considering he has a tough time with 3 out saves and the bases clear half the time... 2 runs score, tie game.

At least Wilson had a chance at 9th inning redemption. Got time to clear his head and refocus...Not really. Wilson started off the 9th with frustration, only getting 1 out while getting more pissed at a few bad calls by the plate ump... Game over!!!

Brandon Medders had to finish the inning off. The defense fell apart. 3 consecutive walks. 5 Errors.

Worst game I've watched since T-Ball... Maybe worse.

I guess there's a reason you are 0-14, 324 when you give up 7 runs in the last 2 innings

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