Sunday, June 14, 2009

All-Star Starter... Matt Cain???

Do I ever love Matt Cain!!!

Today Cain was dominating beyond belief. At least that's what the rest of the league is now thinking.

Us Giants fans, we've known it and seen it since 2006. He's had better nights than this, certainly, but this ranks near the top.

His complete game, 4 hitter, was already his 3rd CG this season. Not allowing a runner after the third, other than one who reached on an error... that's the stuff legends are made of... Not that we're calling Cain a legend... just yet

Yes, the rest of the league is taking notice. Matt Cain is a sweet 9-1 with a cool 2.39 ERA in 13 starts. Tied for 1st in NL wins, third in ERA...

It's only 3 weeks until the All Star game. At this point, most of the All Stars are beginning to separate themselves from the rest. Why not make Cain the starter. He's had arguably the best season so far in the NL.

Competition is fierce, but only a few to really fight against. Teamate Tim Lincecum, Arizona's Dan Haren, & the Dodgers Chad Billingsley could all have a case... But really it's going to come down to one player... St Louis Chris Carpenter. He's been hurt a little, but lights out this season...and the game is in his home town

But what's right is right, and in the end, I think we see Matt Cain start the All Star game.

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