Saturday, June 6, 2009

A week in review (mostly because I've been gone)

Alright, I'm back. After a week off work and away from a computer, time for some catch up.

Sorry for the delay in getting back to some of your questions. Work called. Had to go out of town for a class for work this week, as well as recover from last weekends Relay for Life.

(by the way,for those of you who don't know...The Relay for Life is a fundraiser for Cancer through the American Cancer Society. We had a fellow fireman, Jim Peterson, die from cancer this past Dec. so we put a team together to help raise money. We raised over $14,000, under team Peet's Fire Angels. 7 of us walked all 24 hours and over 40 miles each... And we are very proud to say Lance Armstrong rode stage 20, May 30th, of the Giro d'Italia dedicated to our very own Jim Peterson.)

Anyway, enough about my week, how about them Giants. Taking away the UUUUUUGLY game they just lost in the Florida rain, they have had a good start to this road trip. I wrote earlier that this may be a make or break trip for them, a 10 day road trip. If they go 2-8, they probably head toward the sellers line in the annual buy/sell game called the July trade deadline. If they go 8-2, they B-line straight for the buyers line in hopes of making that tough deal that may or may not sacrifice the future for an unexpected win now approach in 2009. A give or take a game .500 trip is still a positive after the miserable performances the Giants have fashioned thus far... so far, 3-2 is pretty good.

Given the fact that the Giants haven't played a rain free game yet, again with the exception of tonight, the pitching, defense, and offense has been pretty good. Fortunatley for me, I was able to miss the bullpen blunders of game 1 when Lincecum apparently had another win locked up.

CONGRATS TO RANDY JOHNSON on his #300 career win. It was great to see him lock it up right away, now the entire team can focus on winning without a huge distraction. In case you missed it, Randy Johnson gave an interview on KNBR the next day that is well worth listening to. Gary Radnich was the host and hit hm with an unusual barrage of questions that led Johnson to loosen up, at the same time put Radnich in his place. You can hear it online here.

Matt Cain had another strong outing and has strengthened his case to be the NL starter in the ALL-STAR game.

Barry Zito got win #2, without any run support again.

Pablo Sandoval hit a homerun...crickets...oh yeah, so did Aaron Rowand...even Richie Aurilia got his first one in the last day of May...but that's all. 3 homeruns since Travis Ishikawa hit his first homerun of the season in the first game of the Braves series last week, 11 games ago.

Speaking of Rowand, how about his sweet 16 game hitting streak that coincides with his move to the leadoff spot. It's very nice to see him earning his keep offensively right now. I wonder who pushed for that move, him or Bochy? For any flak he gets over his contract, he is a total gamer that just wants to win. Maybe leadoff is just the right amount of pressure for him.

And then there is Sanchez... As a friend of NuschlersNews, Sarah S put it today, "which diirrty will show up to florida tonight. the beach baller tosser or the marble slinger????" (By the way, if you're on twitter, she's a definite follow. A diehard Giants fan and an entertaining read... @luvboysofsummer) That's a pretty accurate assessment of what we have seen out of Sanchez this season. A good game here, a bad game there. Toss in a great outing over there, and cap it off with, well tonight.

Sanchez is pitching himself right out of the hearts of Giants fans, but at the same time, he is making it extremely difficult to move him. Personally, I would like to see the Giants wait and try to correct his issues. Sanchez has all the talent in the world. His swing & miss ratio is one of the best in the game, better than Lincecum. The problem isn't there, that's obvious though. But this inconsistency has to end. A rough start is understandable, but not this.

But this is for another post, one that I'll get to soon. As well as a Matt Cain post, should be up tomorrow.

For now, enjoy the 3-2 road trip, and hope for at least that record the second half of it. Timmy is pitching tomorrow, and maybe just maybe it won't rain.

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