Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Giants select P Zack Wheeler #6

With the #6 overall pick in todays 2009 MLB draft, the Giants selected High Schooler RHP Zack Wheeler, out of Dallas, Georgia.

Wheeler was one of the top 3 H.S. pitchers rated on all boards, including Tyler Matzek & Jacob Turner. Wheeler ended up going before all the other High Schoolers except Donovan Tate who went to the Padres at #3.

Wheeler reportedly already throws 98mph, but is consistently clocked in the low to mid 90's. The knock on him is his inconsistent curveball and lack of a change up.

The Giants have an excellent track record on pitchers, especially other recent H.S. pitchers taken like Matt Cain & Madison Bumgarner. With the limited issues spoken of Wheeler, I don't see any reason why the Giants cannot teach him better mechanics or a change up. Hell, Lincecum learned a change up while warming up for a game last year. Plus, Wheeler has the potential for Matt Cain size. At 6'4" 170 lbs, most scouts seem to think he has the right frame to add not only muscle mass, but velocity...and durability

Wheeler is a great choice. It gives the Giants options. Not like the selection of a fast track guy like Aaron Crow would have, but the Giants never-the-less have options.

Here's a look at the current rotation plus minor league starters & the years the Giants control them through:
Barry Zito- 2013
Tim Lincecum- 2012
Matt Cain- 2011
Jonathan Sanchez- 2011
Randy Johnson- 2009
Joe Martinez- 2014

Kevin Pucetas-2014+
Madison Bumgarner- 2014+
Tim Alderson- 2014+
Henry Sosa- 2014+
Scott Barnes-2014+

Zack Wheeler-2015+

+ players haven't reached the majors yet thus the 6 year time period the team controls them hasn't begun, subject to change to a later year.

With all these pitchers, the Giants should be in position to make a deal for a bat they desperately need

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