Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wild Finish & a Steve Bartman sighting

Wild finish to the game tonight. Nate Schierholtz scored on a wild
pitch by Rangers pitcher Jason Jennings that ought to haunt catcher
Jerrod Saltalamacchia for quite a while. But to understand how we got
to this point and more importantly how this could have been over
sooner, we have to go in reverse.

Schierholtz batted for the first time in the 11th, doubling down the
left field line in what can be described as sabatouge. I say sabatouge
because no Giants fan in their right mind would do such an act as to
possibly cost the team a win. No, that group of fans who reached over
the fence to snag a fair ball by the speedy Nate must have been Texas
imports planted there, led by Steve Bartman himself. Fortunately for
the Giants, Nate would not be beaten! Problem with that: Nate
apparently cannot control his playing time!

Back this thing up even farther; why was Nate not in the game? When
Bruce Bochy filled out his lineup card today, he must have looked at
his starting pitcher and thought it was 2008. Why else would he put a
lineup together incapable of scoring runs?

I guess he could have noticed the rookie starting on the other side
and figured the offense was taking the night off anyway, so what does
it matter. But COME ON!!!

Randy Winn is garbage this year against lefties! Did he not know a
lefty was pitching? Hell, Barry Zito, Tim Lincecum, and Matt Cain are
hitting better against lefties than Winn's .105 BA!


Bochy's affinity for veterans is going to be the downfall of this
team. Schierholtz has been testing the cover off the ball lately.
Honestly, the Outfield should be Torres/Rowand/Schierholtz everyday
right now. But that's neither here nor there as long as Bochy has a
bench full of Uribe's & Aurilia's...

Speaking of Aurilia... Why was he playing. His last hit came in a Reds
uniform... Cheap shot, sorry Richie, I still love you... Ishikawa has
2 homeruns in the last 2 games! On this team, that is as hot as you
can get. He just came off the bereavement leave... So, what, he needed
a rest day?

Honestly, the 0-7, 3 LOB, Winn & Aurilia put up was fun to watch. I
bet Matt Cain loved it as he was posting 0 after 0. Anyone wanna bet
Ishikawa/Schierholtz wouldn't do better than that? 1 freakin run in 8
innings & Matt Cain gets rewarded. Bochy & Sabean need to get with the
program and solidify this roster now.

The team can become dramaticly improved this week without a trade...

The names are John Bowker & Kevin Frandsen!!!


Frank McNair said...

I agree!

While I understand playing Randy when there is a righty pitching, it just doesn't make sense right now with a lefty.

I didn't even understand why they would pull Travis out of the lineup weeks ago to let Sandoval play first. Sure you want Pablo in the lineup, but the defense he brought in exchange for Travis, made the move a wash. Travis may have been able to stop just as many runs scoring as Pablo would produce at the plate. Sandoval may have been back at third much quicker if they gave him some time off. Plus, Travis was hitting great before they essentially benched him for two weeks so Pablo could play. I love Pablo, but I don't think that he is likely to cool off, whereas Travis is. Luckily he didn't, but that is not by some grand design of Bochy or Sabean. They lucked out that Travis came back hitting.

Meanwhile, we have a couple of players that should be on the ML roster right now, and as far as I am concerned, would be a better fit than Rich and/or Uribe.

Will they finally yet the young people play? I understand Winn getting regular playing time against righties, especially since he is a pretty good outfielder, but since they have essentially already made a decision to not re-sign Winn, why not let they guys who will replace him, play now.

Surely, it would be impossible for this to be correct, because if I can see this, and you can see this, then Sabean should be able to see this. There are two options ...either Sabean is so far superior to me intellectually, that I just can not fathom his level of logic, or... he is a dummy.

Time will tell which is which.

Jim Ellis said...


I think when it comes to these matters (player/personel) decisions), Sabean had proved time & time again... He's an idiot!

As for Winn, I think (reiterrate "think") they are trying to showcase him just enough to see him hit a hot streak and possibly time it with a trade. He's a guy that a team looking to shred payroll, yet stay competetive, could like for half a season. Take the White Sox for instance, Winn + a few million bucks could poooooosibly land Jermaine Dye for the season.