Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Can I get a Productive K anyone?

Trying something new today. Watching the game and putting my thoughts down as they come. Bear with me:

Randy Johnson just struck out the first batter and reminded me how much I love listening to Mike Krukow. He always finds the fat guy eating or the little kid sleeping. Then there is the occasional umpire dig. After this strike out we got a great rendition. "Do your thing Bill! HEEAAYYYY!!!!!" If nothing else this year, at least the broadcast booth is entertaining... Then again, if we're counting on our broadcasters for enjoyment, the Giants must suck...

First inning down. Randy Johnson's slider is fantastic tonight. only 8 more of those innings and the Giants can hope for a 0-0 tie...that counts for a win this year right? well, maybe the offense can go on another 5 hit onslaught like this game & we won't have to worry.

Nice single by Edgar Renteria! I knew he was a great signing this offseason.

And that is why you cannot have your cleanup hitter as a guy who runs a 9.6 40 meter dash. Also why you cannot count on the big bad single to score your runs. Might just have been the easiest double play the Braves have ever turned.

Kenshin Kawakami has wicked good movement on his fastball tonight (plus I really like saying his name). Against teams that don't wear Orange & Black, he supposedly throws straight. Thankfully he can't find the strike zone, otherwise the Giants would be in trouble. Kawakami is the p....

HOLY SHIT!!!!!! I got way to much enjoyment out of that Ishikawa foul ball into McCovey cove...

...annnnd....back to reality. Ishikawa had a productive K right there. Fred Lewis stole second on the swing. I mean, it must be right? When Emmanuel Burriss grounds out and a runner gets to second, don't we call that a productive out?

Holy Crap. I think Ricky Vaughn is on the mound. That ball sailed "just a bit outside" OK, OK. Inside and 5 feet high.

Juan Uribe just singled in Fred Lewis. Alright, so maybe we can win on singles.

WHOAAA, whadua know. Aaron Rowand doubles to lead off an inning. Things are looking up. Don't waste a precious extra base hit.

AND THAT IS HOW IT'S DONE!!!! STEAL HOME, THAT IS THE WAY TO SCORE. Great job Aaron Rowand. When you can't count on the offense, you must get creative.

Arrgh. What might be more frustrating than the final scores we've seen this year? How about the number of times the Giants have had runners in scoring position & less than two outs, AND NOT SCORED!!!

Emmanuel Burriss is looking more & more like he'll be a phenomenal defensive second baseman in the years to come. I really think the Giants need to stick with him. His offense will come around, as will his power. Not suggesting he'll ever have numbers like this, but he may end up being a 10 homer/30 double/10 triple/50 stolen base guy some day...remember, he was here until last season.

Did I say Bengie Molina is incredibly slow? I can't believe he made it to second on that play in the 5th.

Nevermind, he made up for it at the plate, thanks Frenchy...

Speaking of him, Jeff Francour is on the trading block. Anyone else want to see a Randy Winn for Jeff Francour & a prospect deal? He could platoon in right with Nate Schierholtz... One hell of a cannon he has...then again, i think I could still throw out Bengie...

SEE, RIGHT THERE... That was a productive out. Richie Aurilia grounds out & Manny gets to third. Can't we give Ishi some credit for his productive K? I mean, the stolen base cannot be allllll Fred Lewis right? Give the guy some frickin slack

Then again, I'll take that double anyday... Thanks Manny, except somebody needs to tell him, SABEAN LIKES SINGLES!!!

I have an idea for Giants management... How about a foot race between Molina & Randy Johnson? I'd pay money to see that...

Hey, another Rowand double scores a run. Be careful, this could trigger a fad... what would we do without our singles.

Speaking of singles, nice RBI Nate!!!

Good day by Johnson by the way, hopefully the bullpen can hold this 4-1 lead. 79 pitches, that is about his limit these days. I'm glad to know Bochy appears to be cognisant of this.

Damn bullpen, 4-3 now. Is #299 ever gonna happen? Not that they can help the error, so they don't get all the blame this inning. Can the Giants actually score more than 4?

Thanks Manny, just when I give you praise on defense, you make an error.

Ishikawa & Uribe, keep them singles coming.

WAY TO MAKE UP FOR IT EMMANUEL!!! Burriss knocks in a run on a single with his third hit tonight.

Nice to see Andres Torres back in the game. He was sure a nice story early on...Looky there, single in his first AB back, & an RBI.

Damn Renteria, flies out to end the 7th. I always knew he was a bad signing!!!

Wow, look at the score, 6 runs through 7. Nicely done so far. Maybe next season the Giants can schedule the Braves 156 more times...

Never thought I'd see the day when Chipper Jones struck out 4 times in a game...First time in his career...

Merkin Valdez in the 8th, 17 pitches... 96, 94, 88, 97, 98, 97, 98, 97, 97, 98, 99, 98, 99, 88, 99, 88, & 99... WOW!!! If this guy ever can stay healthy...

GIANTS WIN! GIANTS WIN! GIANTS WIN! Typical 1-2-3-4 Brian Wilson Save...With the throw in double just to let them think they have a chance. I love it when he gives us the nail biter, just love it...

Good to see Randy get #299...How long until Randy gets #300 now?

Great Sweep. I always love beating the Braves. They aren't the Dodgers, but I rank them right up there with the Angels...

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