Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Guzman sent down, Torres back up

Lost in the scuttle last night over the offensive explosion by the Giants that culminated in scoring an incomprehensible 4 runs, is the latest roster move.

Andres Torres has finally returned from his extended rehab assignment & trip on the DL. To make room for him, the Giants optioned the fans proclaimed offensive savior, Jesus Guzman. He's obviously not needed now, after Travis Ishikawa proved Brian Sabean right with his 4-4 effort and a homerun 2 days ago, then the offense exploding last night with 5 hits and 4 runs.

Actually, Guzman needs to be in Fresno right now. He needs to be playing everyday. Until the Giants decide to make changes, Guzman does them NO good on the bench.

Torres should provide a spark on the basepaths and lets hope he continues the flashes of firepower he showed us in spring training.

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