Friday, May 1, 2009

News and notes from last week

News I forgot to pass along last week but you probably heard about anyway...

Eugenio Velez was sent to AAA, then recalled a few hours later. Needing to make room for an additional reliever, Velez had been optioned to Fresno before the game 3 days ago for Osiris Matos, then when Andres Torres came up lame that same game and was placed on the 15 day DL, Velez was recalled. Velez doesn't lose his option as the rules state a player must be in the minors for 20 consecutive days.

Barry Zito is looking fantastic if you haven't seen his recent starts...tune in to Sunday's game to catch a look yourself.

Barry Bonds stopped by the other day and thrilled not only fans, but the team and management alike. He's still not retiring and honestly, I don't think he'll ever make that announcement. Too much to lose in the case against collusion. Andrew Baggerly has a great take on it, I recommend you read this.

Scott McClain, the real life Crash Davis, signed on in Japan. At 37, he has undoubtedly seen the writing on the wall when it comes to a big league opportunity. After last fall when he the minor league career homerun leader finally got his first major league dinger, some thought he may get a chance at the open 1B job this spring. After Travis Ishikawa played himself into it, Jesus Guzman learned he might need a new position, and Dallas McPherson signed on in Fresno, AB's surely would begin to fade. To McClain's credit, he is definitely playing for the love of the game. Most of us would love to be in his position and I hope he finds success as long as he keeps playing.

As for Dallas McPherson, he is still yet to report to Fresno... lingering back injury??? that is what is sounds like... many people had called for his signing the last two offseasons and touted him as the power factor the Giants need, but let me point out again...Once a back injury, always a back injury. More on this to come...

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