Sunday, May 24, 2009

Trade Winds a Blowin'

Do you think anything is brewing? According to those in the know, something is...

Without beating the dead horse and stating the obvious too much, the Giants offense is floundering early in this 2009 season, with nary a promise for a reversal of fortune. Things are bad. Things could get worse soon if Brain Sabean begins to think he may be a lame duck GM and goes for broke with his job.

In the last 48 hours, the Giants have gone through multiple roster moves and have been linked to many players via trades...Some of them good, some of them scary. The roster moves tell me a last ditch effort is underway to try and put pressure on certain hitters to begin producing, as well as the timing is related to returning players.

Roster Moves-
-Noah Lowry & Joe Martinez placed on 60 day DL, clears open 2 temporary 40 man roster spots.
-Eli Whiteside & Jesus Guzman placed on 40 man roster & promoted to Big club.
-Pat Misch, Steve Holm, & Eugenio Velez demoted to AAA Fresno.
-Kevin Frandsen promoted to Big Club
-Edgar Renteria returned from DL
-Juan Uribe returned from Bereavement leave
Expected Roster Move-
-Sergio Romo should come off the DL within a week or so, expect it tobe timed with a potential trade, possibly Merkin Valdez for Nick Johnson (or some form thereof)

Players linked to the Giants via trade this week-
-Mark DeRosa, Indians
-Nick Johnson, Nationals
-Dan Uggla, Marlins
-Matt Holiday, Athletics (late tonight, Henry Schulman shot this down)

Other Players I envision are a legitamite target-
-Chris Davis, Rangers
-Nelson Cruz, Rangers
-Hank Blaylock, Rangers
-Adrian Beltre, Mariners
-Russell Braynon, Mariners
-Jorge Cantu, Marlins
-Aubrey Huff, Orioles
-Felipe Lopez, D'Backs
-Paul Konerko, White Sox
-Magglio Ordonez, White Sox
-Brandon Inge, Tigers
-Miguel Cabrera, Tigers

Now some of these names aren't going to come cheaply, but could be had. The question is, what are you willing to give up?

Matt Cain has been dangled today by Brain Sabean, supposedly to see his value.

This one, I pray is false


Anonymous said...

how about trading for Jermaine Dye?
what would it take to get him?
we would be able to put him right into that clean-up spot

DProfessor said...

The only player that merits trading Matt Cain for is Adrian Gonzalez

I know, I know Pads are in the same division, never do it etc. But if you watched the games from SD, you'd notice the empty seats everywhere, everywhere.

Pads are trying to bring down payroll to 40 Mil, which can be done by trading Pevey.

But Adrian's due for a big raise--like Teixeria money. Giants have the cash and the studs to trade.

Other than that, no dice on Cain. Not for Uggla nor even M.Cabrera, whom I bet is four years older than his listed age.

Jim Ellis said...

Jermaine Dye is in his 14th season, and at age 35, is beginning to show some decline. His homerun total is still there (11) but isn't hitting much else right now.

He is still owed 10 million or so this year, so the Giants should be able to afford his contract, but may be handcuffed to make other financial improvements if they cannot shed other contracts. Dye also has a mutual option (12 million)for next year which he certainly will exercise in this economy, which works in the Giants favor if he doesn't show a significant dropoff.

I don't think he is the answer though. For what he would probably cost in a trade, something like Fred Lewis & Kevin Pucetas, maybe an Alex Hinshaw too, I think the Giants can find a better deal. If he comes cheaper than that, then yes, he would be a good deal...but I don't think he would.

Jim Ellis said...

Adrian Gonzales is one of the few players I would have to think long and hard over trading Cain for...but he isn't the only one.

Even if a trade of Matt Cain for him was possible, I'd hope the Giants would be able to assess the chances of extending him immediately. He is currently signed through next season for about 7 million more,and a 5.5 million option in 2011, his age 29 season. Just the next 2 years is tough to swallow for Cain,my opinion at least.

Personally, I'd like to see Cain & Lincecum anchor this rotation for the next 6-8 years. They can improve without trading Cain.

route53 said...

Yes Gonzalez is only one for Cain. No giving up youth for potential FAs. Goal is a future rotation of:

Cain, Lincecum, Baumbartner, Alderson, Pucetas with infield of Sandoval, Posey, Villalona, Downs. Rohlinger & Crawford

MLB Tradeables of value: Shierholtz, Winn (contract), Molina (contract), Lewis

MILB Tradeables of value: Velez, Misch, Sosa, Martinez, Estevez, Timpner, Bowker, English, Schoop, Otero

Additionally while I like what they have done this year, I think you can take the opportunity to trade bad contracts for other expensive players who might have a bat and are moveable:

Zito and Renteria. Like a Zito and prospect for Beltran, Beltre, Ibanez, Brian Roberts, etc.

route53 said...

Did I mention...please trade Frandsen...he never will be anything...sorry girls

Jim Ellis said...

Route, sorry I missed your comments last week.

I think you are right on with the Giants who have trade value in,but I think they are split between two trains of thought. Guys like Molina & Winn are expendable only if you cast this season off. I'mnot saying go all in for 2009,but the current squad certainly is good enough to compete for the wild card.

The other would be to package young talent like Sosa, Lewis, & Schierholtz to get an established hitter to build off hopefully this year.

I don't think you can trade many players from both sets and accomplish an improved roster for the long term, over what they have now. I think it would be kinda like digging a hole to use the dirt to fill in another hole.