Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A pitching change with 40 man roster implications

Quick news to pass along. Osiris Matos was sent back to AAA Fresno today and Pat Misch was recalled to take his place. I have to assume Matos was shipped out partly due to his performance as in his 5 games, he had an ERA of 9.00 & WHIP of 2.00. Another reason has to be the recent heavy use on the Pen combined with the extended stretch between off days.

Pat Misch wasn't exactly pitching lights out in Fresno, but was coming out of the pen. He has some starting experience so he should give the bullpen more flexibility come long relief.

I tend to believe this may be Misch's last chance with the Giants. He's been up multiple times over the last 3 seasons with very little success at the MLB level. He also seems to have regressed at AAA recently. The Giants no he can pitch, but will he? It seems tome that it's do or die in the organization for him right now. If he does well over the next week or two, he might survive the return of the pitchers on the DL. Or...

The Giants are a team in need of a plce on the 40 man roster soon. If the Giants decise they need offensive help from within, 2 of the most likely candidates, Jesus Guzman & Dallas McPherson, are not currently on the roster. By my calculations, the two most likely to be bumped are Misch & Brian Bocock (currently in A San Jose, a long way from opening day 2008 in the bay).

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