Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Game time baby, The wait is over!!!

As I sit here tonight and watch the ground dry from another day of much needed rain, I wonder how I ever made it through another winter without a ball game. November thru February is such a long time to watch paint dry... water boil... grass turn green. I mean, let's face it, everyone loves Football, but it's not baseball...and they only do it once a week.

I love all sports. Well, not really. Basketball just doesn't cut it for me anymore, it's too star player dependent, not enough of a team sport for what they promote. Tennis doesn't cut it either, although I LOOOOOVE to watch woman's tennis, just can't get into the sport.

Thank god for the Amgen Tour of California this past week, because the cabin fever was starting to get to me. Oh man, only 24 hours to go...

The Giants first spring training game is wednesday, against the Indians. Timmy is supposed to start. For he first time in years, since Barry Bonds injury, I am actually excited about the product we get. I think this is a team that can win the division. They may not have a great record and may only win 85 games, but by george, they can make the playoffs...and anything can happen there, just look at the Cardinals a few years ago.

It's time to put projections aside, lay down the arguements on who should start and where the offense is going to come from. it's time to see what IS going to happen...

Is Noah or Jonathan going to be the 5th starter and the other traded? Now we get to see them duel it out.

Who should be the starting second baseman, Kevin, our Manny, or E-U-G-E-N-I-O? Let's just see if their abilities shine through.

Is Dave Roberts going to get cut? Albeit I think it's innevitable, now we get to see if he wants to prove his worth.

Fred Lewis, Nate Schierholtz? the future is not only here, but it's time to see the action

Can Pablo repeat AND play third? Does Jesus make the jump? What happens to Travis? How about the kids in camp, Buster, little big Tim,and Madison? So many more questions, a winter's worth...

Ahh, but so many answers are on the way.

The best time of the year is here.

Enough with the speculation, hold the conversation, quit staring out the window...spring is finally here.

Let's Play some ball

We'll get back to the scrutinizing in a fe days, it's time for Giants Baseball...Hum-baby

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