Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Is the sky falling?

Ok, so I know I said no more analysis until the spring games started, tomorrow... but something came out of the intersquad game toady I just couldn't pass up...Barry Zito looked good!?...$# huh, I'm not sure how to end that statement. Does anyone else know the appropriate ending to that statement?

Barry Zito looked good+/>!:;@

...huh, I've never written that one before...

Anyway, on to today. Zito was scheduled to start and pitch the first inning, against Randy Johnson. We was so sharp and good, his pitch count so low, they gave him the second inning as well. Zito's velocity appeared to be up and his curveball down. His change up was sharp and he only allowed a runner to first. The latter part I don't care about.

Wow! Could this be a sign of things to come? Did the offseason overhaul with Brian Wilson work magic onto him? I mean, from 2 pull ups to 19 in 3+ months IS impressive.

What's more impressive to me is the fact that he looked sharp. Zito has never been an effective early season pitcher and even in his great years with the A's, he struggled in spring training.

Did Zito finally put the time and effort into the offseason that might allow him to show his good form all year? Is he going to earn that money this year?

Only time will tell, but I tell you what, I'm encouraged. Judgement will wait until more games are played. For now, I'm going to relish in the thought that we might actually have a Cy Young award winner as our number 4 pitcher, and not the fact that we have Barry Zito of the last 2 years pitching there.

Oh, what a thought, what a difference a good Barry Zito would make...

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