Saturday, February 7, 2009

News and Rumblings from Fan Fest

Staring down the barrel of the beginning of another San Francisco Giants season, it was time to roll out the red carpet for the fans today. The annual Fan Fest went off without a hitch today and there were many tidbits to note dropped as well. In the winter of many moves, it's not surprising that a few more could be just hours away. Also, all of the newest players were in attendance as well as a few with high hopes. Here's what we learned:

-For Starters, Fan Fest is a great, fan friendly, family oriented environment. It was also cheap! Free Parking, Free Admission. You can't beat it.

-Brian Sabean reitterated the daily dose of Manny, saying they are still interested, they have been actiely talking with his agent, and it would have to be a perfect fit financially. 'he's not the silver bullet" and he has liabilities. All while laying out why the giants are probably out, club officials are open to a three year deal... huh??? So, it sounds like nothings changed.

-Speaking of Manny, at the same time, Sabean stated the Giants are OUT on Dunn and Abreu.

-The Giants are currently speaking with members from other teams about trades, but nothing seems to be different in asking prices. The Giants aren't as opposed to contract year players as once thought but the price remains drastically high. On that note,Brian Sabean stated the most likely scenario is the Giants waiting until the post all star trade deadline to make significant moves.

-The Giants reportedly have an offer out to Richie Aurilia for a minor league deal with spring training invite. Richie is "mulling it over" and very much wants to return.

-The Giants also apparently have an offer out to Joe Crede. It's unclear as to what the terms are. He is friends with Aaron Rowand and when asked about Crede today, Rowand had a big smile appear without comment. Stay tuned because I'm certain we will hear more about this in the morning. (I hope the Twins step up quick as I think this would be a baaad decision.

-Randy Johnson was a huge hit. He made Matt Cain look like a midget. Said all the right things, really seems to mesh well with the club. He said he's looking forward to working with guys like Lincecum, Cain, and especially Sanchez. Those damn lefty's sure like to stick together.

We'll cover a few more tomorrow but as I'm still sick, walked to much today for that case, and have to work in the morning, i'm going to bed.

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