Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Giants bring back Aurilia

The Giants have signed Richie Aurilia to a minor league deal with a spring invite today. I he makes the team, Aurilia gets $1 million. Ken Rosenthal broke the story and Henry Schulman confirmed it.

This is an excellent deal for the Giants. I have to admit, GM Brian Sabean is doing a good job this offseason, even if he is delaying the youth movement some. It's hard to argue against a minor league deal to a proven veteran, even though I did here. Even with my argument, I'm not exactly right to be upset. There is the definate chance Uribe, or Aurilia doesn't make the team.

What Sabean has done this offseason is set up some significant healthy competition this spring, with a great mixture of young home-grown talent and successful veterans. Last season, Aurilia signed a guarenteed deal, but had thesame opportunity. He was told at the time that he was viewed as a leaderoff the bench and was going to be used in spot starts and against lefty's. When camp broke, he was the starting first baseman. This was due in part to injuries and his play. He was told the same thing with this deal.

Richie had multiple similar offers on the table and had turned down a major league deal early on this offseason with Houston, so his reasons for being back must be more genuine than just money. One quote I read that is especially enlightening is this:

"I'm a Giant," he said. "I'm proud to have San Francisco across my chest. I want to retire a Giant, whether it's this year or the year after. I heard a little about (managing general partner) Bill Neukom talking about the 'Giants' Way.' Well, I'm the last Giant who was part of the teams that won all those years. I know something about the Giants' Way."

One last item, Aurilia can get out of his deal before the end of spring training if the Giants bring someone in that he's not happy with. Someone most likely meaning Joe Crede, who would basically steal most of his playing time or at least his roster spot come the end of camp.

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Martin said...

just reading Richie's comments got me all pumped up.

he turned down an offer from last years's World Series champs and even a Major League offer from Houston

hes got to be up there with Will Clark and Matt Williams in terms of TRUE GIANTS and fan favorites