Wednesday, July 1, 2009

All Star starters

The Giants just thumped the Cardinals for the second straight night,
but today's pounding had an implication on a much larger scale. The
All Star Game!

Without getting into a breakdown of why the Giants have 5 All Stars
(Cain, Lincecum, Sandoval, Wilson, and Affeldt...yes Affeldt), let's
just take a moment to speak about the Obvious two...Lincecum & Cain.

Nothing against the other three but Cain was the most dominant pitcher
in baseball over the 1st 10+ starts. Lincecum now fits that bill. Both
are a lock... Both deserve to start...

But starting the All Star game may not be an option. You see, St.
Louis Chris Carpenter was more dominant in his few early starts but
battled injury. Back now, he took a VERY sub 2 ERA into tonight's game
with a stranglehold on starting the All Star game.

I say that because the Game will be played in St. Louis this year.
What the Giants needed to do is really stick it to this guy...and they
did! Carpenter was tagged for 6 Runs on 11 hits, more importantly was
the balloning of his ERA to the mid 2's

Both Cain & Lincecum owe the team for this one... But before we jump
the gun on this one, let's see the final roster

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