Sunday, July 26, 2009

How the Hell did they ever win three?

Right about now, the San Francisco Giants are boarding a plane inbound for home, and they better be thanking their lucky stars that they are only 2 games behind the Colorado Rockies in the wildcard race.

The Giants just finished a miserable (I'm trying hard not to use the adjectives I'm thinking) road trip; 10 games of 3-7 ball.... THREE And Freakin SEVEN!!!!!!

I'd love to blame it on needing days off, maybe have Crash Davis get them a rain delay, but the All Star Break preceded this...disaster. So we'll give Lincecum & Cain a pass, but the rest of them....

Actually, when you look back at it, disaster is too harsh. I mean, they did win 3 games. 3 games is a mind blowing success; it should have been 1 or 2.

Over the last 10 days, the pitching sucked, the defense blew(well, with the exception of Andres, Pablo, & Nate) and the offense...who are we kidding. What offense?

The Giants were outscored 44-23 on the trip. The batted .217, had an OBP of .254, slugged .292... That's an OPS of .546 

2.3 R/G, 50 LOB, batted 12-67 with RISP... That's .179

They had 17 doubles (6 in one game), 3 triples, 3 SB, 17 BB's, and ONE measly HOMERUN

The team only had 3 guys with an OPS over .710 I'll give you 20 guesses and I bet you wouldn't get the order right. (since I don't want to lose another bet, I'm just going to give you the answer now) 

3- Nate Schierholtz- .333/.333/.485/.818
2- Matt Cain- .333/.333/.500/.833
1- Freddie Lewis- .333/.454/.500/.954

In case you were wondering how some of your favorites fared, here you go:

Winn- .268/.318/.390/.708
Renteria- .192/.222/.231/.453
Uribe- .187/.212/.281/.493
Sandoval- .244/.279/.341/.620
Ishikawa- .280/.280/.280/.560
Molina- .214/.290/.250/.540
Downs- sorry, I couldn't bring myself to crusify him

But don't fret, it wasn't all the offense; although 2.3 runs is enough to make any self respectng pitcher shut down. Still, those guys have a job to do and all of them not named Matt Cain or Jeremy Affeldt just didn't help matters

Going into the All Star break, the entire staff was 1st or 2nd in every category frm CG's to No-Hitters, ERA to Shut Outs, Strike outs to girls phone numbers... Heck these guys were so good, even the opponents started sending notes via courier to the boys, looking for a night out. Notthis trip though.

The team ERA this trip was 4.40, WHIP- 1.375, K/9- 7.97, BB/9- 4.09, & K/BB- 1.95

The bullpen had it rough: ERA- 4.02, WHIP- 1.44, K/9- 5.46,  BB/9- 4.31, & K/BB- 1.26

If not for Matt Cain's 1.28 ERA, WHIP- 1.00, K/9- 8.36, BB/9- 3.85, & 2.16 K/BB while leading the Giants to 2 wins and Jeremy Affeldt keeping his scorless streak going(now the best in 40 years for a reliever) at 27...this teamwould have been 1-9

Indeed these guys were lucky to get three wins. If they want to stay together, they had better find their mojo quick. With the trade deadline looming, Sabean undoubtedly is burning the midnight oil looking for help. Is is needed, Yes, but that is another topic. For now, these guys are glad to be home

By the way... Is it "Sad & Pathetic" or just another "Showcase of his talent" that Matt Cain currently sits 2nd on the Giants with his current active hit streak at 2 Games? 

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