Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Giant reason to win tonight

Tim Lincecum is taking the ball tonight & the Giants haven't needed a win this bad in a while. Not since the now infamous 6 game road trip thru San Diego & Seattle have the Giants looked this bad. At least then, the Giants were holding opponents to a 2-1 score.

Gone are the days of a 1-2 loss. The Giants must have gotten tired of those close losses because after a couple of them in Pitt(1-2, 0-2), they decided to give up a boat load of runs, 3-8 & 1-8 in the last two. The offense has just been absent since the All Star break.

At 1-4 in their last 5 games, the offense has been nothing short of anemic. They are:
35-180 (.194 BA), .236 OBP, .311 SLG, .547 OPS...9 Runs (1.8 R/G), 8 RBI, 9 BB, 47 K's (9.4/G), 9 Doubles (6 of them in the lone win), 1 Triple, 0 (ZERO) Homeruns, 2 SB's, 34 LOB, & 5-32 with RISP (.156)

Pretty sad considering...well, it's just sad. The Giants have never been accused of being an offensive threat, but this awful. With only 9 days remaining before the non-waiver trade deadline expires, the Giants NEED to find some offense and quick. It's not that they may fall out of contention, their pitching staff will always keep them close...It's not that some players may be on the chopping block, most have little value right now...It's that GM Brian Sabean may feel more pressure to deal some top talent that may cripple the franchise for years to come, just so he can feel better about the teams chances at the wild card in 2009.

Don't get me wrong, if the right deal were to fall to our laps, I would jump on it like Amy G on Jonathan Sanchez post No-Hitter. But that is for the right deal. Your not gonna pry Buster Posey out of my cold dead hands, nor am I "cool" to the idea of relinquishing my grasp on future man crush Madison Bumgarner, but some others aren't completely untouchable. It's just that I would require a deal that no one would meet.

I don't want to see Matt Holliday in a Giants uniform for 2 months at the price of Thomas Neal & Henry Sosa. You can keep your Freddie Sanchez for $8 million next year if you think I'm giving up Jonathan Sanchez, and there is NO WAY I'm sending Tim Alderson to Texas for Hank Blaylock...

But you offer up Roy Halladay, David Wright, Ryan Braun, Jose Reyes, Nelson Cruz, among others and I'll open, my ears a little. The problem is now... Now the Giants can't hit... Now the Giants need offense... Now the Giants need to win to ease the pressure just a little on Sabean to pull that trigger because the longer he waits, the more the price will drop.

Come on Timmy, Now we need a win!!!


Anonymous said...

this one was a heartbreaker today
Lincecum pitches and we still can't win
I say Sabean should call Kevin Towers of the Padres and make him change his mind on Adrian Gonzalez
offer him a package around Alderson and Villalona
its time to start panicking
i know we fans should be happy to even be in the race but come on WE'RE SO CLOSE
please find a POWER BAT Sabean give up anyone except Bumgarner or Posey

Anonymous said...

will always keep them close...It's not that some players may be on the chopping block, I happy this blog

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