Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Panda losses to the Flyin' Hawaiian...but there's still a chance!?!

So .326/.379/.560 is not good enough to get into the All Star game. At least not when it comes to fan votes in the Final Vote as Pablo Sandoval lost a seesaw battle with Shane Victorino today by apparently the slimmest of margins.
Giants fans came out in remarkable fashion to vote and certainly is wasn't lost on the national media as now "the Panda" is a household name...but still not an All Star. Yet he may still be...

Every year some player comes down with a last minute injury and is unable to attend the All Star game leaving the manager to pick one final player. It just so happens that this year there could be one.

N.Y. Mets outfielder Carlos Beltran is currently hurt & likely to be unable to attend the game. Given that Victorino is an OF, Phillies & NL All Star manager Charlie Manuel will not NEED to add an additional OF if/when he must fill that spot, so maybe Pablo can still slide in.

Here's an idea, why not put the pressure on him now? As fans we spent countless hours over the last 4 days voting for Pablo, why not spend a few more minutes to let the Phillies & major league baseball know you want Pablo in?

Here is the contact link for the Phillies contact center online...

Here is the contact link for the MLB contact center online...

Let's inundate them with emails. Tell them Pablo needs to be Beltran's replacement!!!

Last chance to get Pablo in!!!

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It just so happens that this year there could be one. and good response so happy
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