Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Vote for Pablo, Vote for Kinsler

By now we all know Pablo Sandoval is in the running for the final spot on the NL All Star team. Whether or not he should have already been included is moot at this point because, well, he's simply not there...yet...but we can change that...(VOTE FOR PABLO)

Sandoval is among 5 in the NL up for the vote. The others, well, I'm just not going to name them as to not confuse anyone still on the fence. (VOTE FOR PABLO) Time is running out though. With less than 2 days, 12 hours till polls close, Pablo has the early lead but word is teams fans from both leagues are starting to work together to get their man in, like those damn LA teams.

It's worked in the past: the last season saw Milwaukee & Tampa work together to get Corey Hart & Evan Longoria in. Before that, (2007) Okajima & Young, (2003) Varitek & Jenkins had their fans work together. So why can't we? (VOTE FOR PABLO)

We can!!! Actually, we already are. As word began to spread today that both Sandoval & Texas 2B Ian Kinsler were leading in the early poll, fans from both our teams began to work together. (VOTE FOR PABLO) On Twitter, all day long, fans have been pushing Vote for Sandoval, Vote for Kinsler. Lets keep it going.

This is our chance to be heard. Pablo is our guy. He deserves to be there. VOTE FOR PABLO


Brad said...

that's bill neukom on that poster right?

Jim Ellis said...

haha, that's funny... although I wish he would spend his money like uncle sam is right now!