Sunday, December 14, 2008

Atkins and Greene

2 quick hits on the Giants today. Not much to note, but could be important in the long run.

First, Bruce Jenkins of the SF Chronicle says the Giants could have Garrett Atkins from the Rockies for Jonathan Sanchez right now if they wanted. It would be a good trade if not for Atkins upcoming free agency next winter. I hope this is not the fall back plan for next season if nothing else works first regarding getting a first or third baseman. That is unless the Giants feel very good that they can sign him long term, but even then, I don't see Atkins being a very successful hitter at AT&T.

Second, and more importantly, Tom Krasovic, of the San Diego union tribune, says the Giants made a run at Khalil Greene before he was dealt to the Cardinals. I think this is of note because the Giants should be not even in the slightest, be entertaining Greene for this team. He is expensive and can't hit. For all his promise, he has been a disappointment and isn't worth his salary. It worries me about Brian Sabean's idea on what the team should look like when you hear stuff like this. Thank you Cardinals for taking him on.

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