Wednesday, December 10, 2008

CC you every three years

CC Sabathia has signed with the Yankees!!! A lot of emotions have traversed my little brain today. When I woke up at 0530 this morning and that was the first thing I saw at I was deflated. I realized I had bit into the apple, drank the kool-aid! I wasn't sure until this morning that I thought Sabathia should sign with the Giants. Then suddnely I was dissapointed. Who knew. Visions of Licecum's and Cain's dancing through october with CC, gone in the flash of a Cashman. I had convinced myself that a second $100 mil contact for a pitcher wouldn't hamper the team. Then I took the day to think it over and cam up with this...

Thank god they didn't commit another monsterous contact to a free agent pitcher. The Giants system is built to contend in 2010, not 2009. With 2 stud pitchers in high A ball, and 3-5 more potential good starters along side them, the Giants can field thier own pitching staff for the next 7-10 years from within. Next year, Carl Crawford could be available in the free agency world and he would be a PERFECT fit for AT&T park and the Giants lineup. At that point Randy Winn, Bengie Molina, Noah Lowry, and Dave Roberts will clear payroll. Between the Rowand, Cain, and Licecum bumps in payroll, and the savings from those already named, the Giants could be major players in the free agent market, still have money for their own players, and have surplus players to make significant trades.

In the end, although it could have been fun, CC to the Yankee's is a good thing for the Giants


Lincegasm said...


Lincegasm said...

Just kidding dude. I'm not really that big a douche. Anyway...thanks for blogging on the Giants. I am a voracious reader of McCovey Chronicles, Extra Baggs, etc., and I fiend for all things Giants. I too am about to start a blog and I was struggling with a Thrill-centric name. I am 34, NorCal lifer and Giants fan and grew up in the Humm-Baby era. I am discouraged by Sabeans shenanigans and I am confident there are hundreds of us that are intense lunatic-fringe fans that could do a better job. I comment on MCCC and as bigboneded so look for me. And keep up the good blogging. If you write it they will come. Humm-Baby, Go Giants.