Friday, December 26, 2008

Johnson contract details

Randy Johnson recieved a 1 year contract for $8 million dollars and incentives that can reach $5 million more.

It sounds like he has a $2.5 million incentive for performance and another $2.5 million in award bonus. I'm guessing the performance are tied mostly to innings pitched and wins and the Award bonuses are tied to reaching 300 wins, 500 K's, post season, allstar game, and Cy Young. Therefore, $2.5 million should be relatively easy to acchieve and the other $2.5 a little harder.

All in all, even if he maxes out, this is a win/win situation for the Giants. I'm certain they would be more than happy to pay $13 million to a pitcher who more or less dominates. Giants: Great sign

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