Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tyler Walker meet Bobby Howry

The Giants need to shore up the bullpen, they still need a RHP. Bobby Howry seems to want to come here. He's been really good over the years. Sounds to good to be true. It might be...

Bobby Howry's season wasn't like his years of past. Yeah, he still didn't walk guys,but he started to get hit more. His second half was borderline awful. It could have been an aberration, maybe he was out of shape and ran out of gas late. I don't know, it was a contract year. Maybe it was the first sign age is catching up to him. He's 35 now. What is it going to take to get him? Anything more than a 2 year deal is a bad idea. Anything more than 5 million with incentives is a bad idea. He may not cost us a draft pick now, but he could end up costing us some games. Look at the McCovey Chronicles take on it, then look closer. You'll see in roughly the same amount of innings pitched, In the last few years his Earned Runs have nearly doubled, Hits are up 30%,and ERA has jumped from 3.32 to 5.35. Most of it in the second half.

It's not a totally fair comparison considering the arm injuries, but Bobby Howry is starting to sound more and more like Tyler Walker. At this point, a good signing would be Juan Cruz for the Draft pick , or Joe Biemel.

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