Friday, December 12, 2008

Jake Peavy to the Giants?

Here's a new one, a tidbit from Jake Peavy's agent last night. The Giants "I think they have the money but I don't know if they have the prospects." What? Are the Giants engaging actively in Jake Peavy? I would venture to guess that Brian Sabean may have kicked a few Kevin Towers shins on this one but I'm not sure he has done more than that yet. Jake Peavy in a Giants uniformwould be awesome, but at what cost. For his pay scale increase over the next 5 years in millions, $8, $15, $16, $17, (club option $22 with $4 buyout so essentially) $18, he is very expesive, almost Barry Zito money with the exception of this upcoming season, what would it take to get him? Matt Cain- No Freakin Way. Peavy may be better but is 4 years older. Cain's under team control for 3 more season at a total cost $13 million. How about Tim Alderson, Madison Bumgarner, Buster Posey, or Angel Villalona. Again, No way. 3 of them are close to the majors and Villalona may end up with the highest upside out of all of them. Do we really want to trade these guys just before realizing how much the Giants could have done with them? Surely Peavy could not be had without one of them.

If the Padres were willing to go with some sort of deal made out of Jonathen Sanchez, Eugenio Velez, Nate Schierholtz, Jack Taschner, Kevin Pucetas, Henry Sosa, Dave Roberts (clear his contract for the season for us and he is off the Pads books next year) and/or Jose Martinez, then the Giants should entertain it more. I don't know if they would bite on that. Maybe if they get desperate but then again, if they get desperate, every team might be in on him AND the Padres would still be trading inter division. I geuss it would be up to Peavy and his No-Trade clause at that point

One other thing, Peavy started to show signs of arm trouble last season. It may never happen, but as everyone like to point out, his mechanics are flawed. Can the Giants really afford to pay 2 guys 15-18 million to struggle to regain their form. No Way.

Maybe the Giants shouldn't do this deal either.

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Anything from the padres has got to be good.