Sunday, December 7, 2008

Upcoming offseason plans...

The winter meetings start tomorrow at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. They really start today, as all the teams executives begin filing in. The Giants and Brian Sabean file in with a laundry list of possibilities and, having been by far the busiest team during the early stages of free agency this hot stove season. Going into this off season, the Giants needed to address either a 1B or 3B, possibly a starting pitcher, at least 2 relief arms, and a middle of the order hitter. As winter ball progressed, it became more evident they needed a middle infielder to bridge the gap between Omar Vizquel and Manny Burriss. Also this offseason, the Giants need to try and clear one or two more contracts off their books, like Dave Roberts. So far, the Giants have filled some needs, inking Jeremy Affeldt and Bobby Howry for the pen, and Edgar Renteria for SS.

Next on the agenda, listen carefully at the winter meetings, and hopefully make some of the right moves. Some possible things over the next week:

Trades: Possible matchups: the Cubs for Randy Winn, maybe even part of the Jake Peavy deal. In that case, I can see Tim Alderson or Jonathen Sanchez involved. What they get back had better be Josh Vitters but I think he would be destined for the Padres in that deal. the Reds for Edwin Encarnacion or Joey Votto, as Winn, Bengie Molina, Jonathen Sanchez would be the most likely pieces dealt. the Rangers for Chris Davis or Elvis Andrus, as Jonathen Sanchez or Tim Alderson would probably have to be included for the latter. the Mariners for Adrian Beltre, hard to tell what to give up, but he makes sense even though he is a free agent after this season. Mariners probably want at least Sanchez. the Nationals for Ryan Zimmermann, Matt Cain is the only way this happens. the Marlins for Jorge Cantu, or mayyyybe Dan Uggla, Sanchez (please don't trade for Cantu) again would be involved. the Red Sox for Mike Lowell or Salary relief, could dump Dave Roberts back their as part of a deal but would have to eat money if that's the case.

Free Agents: Joe Crede (as I Shutter), Casey Blake (this seems like a trend but I can't put my finger on it), Randy Johnson (actually, not bad if we either keep Cain and/or sign Sabathia), CC Sabathia (beginning to look more of a long shot but is definitely possible and would form maybe the most potent rotation in the league), Pat Burrell (I feel the trend coming on again, can he really play a decent first?), Adam Dunn (I figured it out, what year is it, these guys are all aging vets. I thought we moved away from them?), Juan Cruz (even though he is a type A and we already saw Howry, another RHP and Affeldt sign, Cruz is a much better setup man and very young still), and last but not least, Mark Texeria (a very, very long shot. Nothing has even remotely tied him here, other than the fact that he is the only available free agent that meets the Giants biggest need, a middle of the order, power hitting, great defensive, corner infielder. But you do have to want to play here)

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