Sunday, December 7, 2008

Brian Sabean, WHAT ARE YOU DOING???

As we enter the busiest few weeks of the Hot Stove season, the Giants off season and future path, is becoming more and more clear. We are at a crossroads of sorts as the next move WILL tell us in which direction Brian Sabean, Larry Baer, and Bill Neukom are taking us. Do we sign a dominant CC Sabathia or Mark Texeria? Do we trade for a young and talented 1B/3B like Ryan Zimmerman or Prince Fielder? Or heavens forbid, do we sign Joe Crede, Casey Blake, or trade for Jorge Cantu? What?

That the latest buzz surrounding the Giants.

Normally, I wouldn't be too scared because Brian Sabean never lets his secrets out, not that his past secrets have exactly been great. No, the common thread this offseason is everything you hear comes true with this team. Their was the slight inkling that the Giants preferred Jeremy Affedlt early on, Bobby Howry and the Giants openly clamored for a possible reunion if the contract details were right. Edgar Renteria was reported to have signed suddenly when the Giants were supposedly in on Rafeal Furcal, and the details of the contract were right on, except it really didn't happen for over another week. Not that having rumors come true is a bad thing, except when your an organization that made a public pledge to its fans to go young and build from within, you kind of expect that to happen. We all need free agency but how much.

When the rumors currently the hottest out right now have the Giants eyeing Joe Crede, Casey Blake, Jorge Cantu, Pat Burrell, and Adam Dunn, I worry. No, I FREAK OUT. None of these guys are the answer. Maybe if..... well, possibly..... Nope, still not the answer. All of them mark a return to building a veteran team and forgoing the youngsters. Absolutely not what we need. Not one of them. The Giants would be better off trading Jonathen Sanchez for Adrian Beltre (I know, he's aging as well but at least his contract expires next year and will be a type A so we get picks instead of giving them away) then signing any one or 2 of these guys.

I don't buy tickets to go to a game to see these people and I can guarantee I won't be going to any this year with them, nor will I go to spring training. I haven't bought my tickets yet on purpose because, as I said, we are at a crossroads to see the organizational path and I choose to wait.

If you aggree. please use the link on this page to the SF Giants team contact page and let them know your feelings.

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